Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What inspires me...

My husband gave me a great idea to make a  post about things that inspire me and make me a better person. Here's a top 5:

1. My family:
And this includes my husband, parents and siblings. I think I am who I am because of them. I don't know if people appreciate me the way I am but, in my opinion, I turned out to be fine and happy. So, thanks to my wonderful people back home and my sweetheart.

2. Travel:
Sometimes traveling takes the best of me. It can be very stressful at some point but it is something that, somehow, rejuvenates and polishes me. I love to meet new people, encounter new cultures and behavior and, thanks to my husband, I am more and more motivated each time we decide to go on a new adventure.

3. Music:
Whenever I'm in a bad mood or trying to relax, all I have to do is to go through my music collection on my phone and let myself go for a few moment.

4. Teaching:
Teaching is not only my job, is a mean of pleasure. I simply adore teaching and can absolutely see myself doing it until I'm 70.

5. Life:
Life by itself is what inspires me the most. Its beauty and challenges is what keeps me wanting more of it. If I could be granted one single wish, I'd choose to live until I am 150. I'm so blessed to have my life and simply because it's full of ordinary but wonderful things.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Larissa's journey to Citizenship is over!

In the most recent months, we have had some good news. Larissa now has her American Passport and her Naturalization Certificate! We have been through a lot to get to this point and now it is finally over. It feels good that we don't have to worry about these type of things anymore. This whole process started with the K-1 Visa, and for every application, it has been a long and arduous process. Everything seemed impossible at first. Running around finding documents, going to medical exams, expensive application fees, and interviews in distant cities. I am still surprised we were some how able to make this all work. It was all due to patience...the greatest virtue that got us through all this. Neither one of us could've done this without patience.

We are now in the process of moving to Brazil and I will be seeking dual citizenship. This will be a long difficult process as well, so it seems like we are starting a new journey that will entail some of the same hardships we went through in the USA with Larissa. However, no more deployments and the demands of the military life are over, so I look forward to our new journey. We will be moving to Batatais, SP, Brazil in May, 2014. We only have about a month left here in Puyallup, WA. We are in the midst of procuring a house, as well as setting up jobs for us, and setting up school for me. There is a lot to do and it all feels a bit overwhelming. This is a big step for me and I will know what it is like to live in another country for the first time! So exciting and scary. We will see what happens and we will keep you updated!