Saturday, March 8, 2014

Being a Military Wife (2010-2014)

I decided to make this post because being a  wife is something very special but, being a military wife is not for anyone. The sacrifices and struggles I had to face during all these years made me a stronger and more grateful person, and taught me how to deal with various complicated situations, such as exercises, deployments and all the long distance relationship drama.

Of course my husband had to go through a lot of ups and downs while in the military, but I want to focus this post on my own experience, as someone who was behind the scenes during his entire journey in the United States Air Force.

I think it's fair to say that, when you have a husband in the military your husband is not yours, he belongs to the government of the country he is serving and when I say "serving", I'm talking about all the things he had to give in to honor this country and its leaders. I'm pretty sure that many people out there have no idea of all the risks the military life can bring.

Adam deployed twice while he was in the military for about seven months each deployment and I am so proud of ourselves for making this work. I guess we are just very good at long distance relationships, but I'm so glad to say that all the military ordeal is over now.

At this moment we are focusing in getting everything ready so we can start a brand new chapter in our lives, and it's a damn good one! :)

I'll finish this post with some pictures that represent our journey through military life and what kept us strong: the trust and love that made everything bearable and so worth it.

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