Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sent in N-400!

Einstein and his daughter taking the oath of naturalization
We received our reciept for Larissa's N-400 today. We sent in our package the 30th of January. They cashed our check for 680 and it looks like we are on our journey to naturalization! I am very excited for Larissa and this will help us move forward with our future, no more renewing her resident card, she will have voting privileges and can leave the country for periods of longer than a year if need be. She is waiting for her Bio-metrics and then her Interview, she then takes a test and takes an oath. SUPER EXCITED!! This is the last leg of our journey through this whole process of getting everything legal and sorted out so we can be done with the bureaucracy.

This is an exciting time; My United States Air Force career is almost over, and I am free to go to school full time and move to Brazil. The important thing now is that we hammer out all the details. Before we live in Brazil, we are working on a trip to Europe! It is very possible we will be going since we have been planning and saving money.

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