Sunday, December 15, 2013

Can't wait!

Esses dias estive assistindo a uns vídeos de militares americanos retornando pra casa, e me emocionei muito porque essa, com certeza, é a melhor parte de quando um soldado volta do deployment: rever a família!

Eu não vejo a hora de abraçar o meu soldado e dizer o quanto o amo e como sou feliz por ele estar de volta! Mas, para isso ser possível, vou ter que esperar mais um tiquinho. Tá quase... :D Nós dois estamos com alguns planos para o futuro (como sempre) e sei que o nosso será brilhante! Sou muito grata a Deus por todas as bençãos e pelas oportunidades que abracei enquanto estive no Brasil. 2013 será um ano que nunca irei me esquecer! =DD
Bom, aqui está um dos vídeos que me fizeram chorar:


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Off Base Somewhere in South West Asia =)

I have had the pleasure of seeing what the outside of this military base looks like and feel a sense of normality again, if only for some moments. I've gone off base two times now with some of my co-workers.

The first time we went off base we were only gone from about 5:30 p.m to 11:50 p.m for a total of about 6 hours. We were lucky enough to get THE most rainy day since I have been here. We got our van to go off base a bit late because of some miscommunication. On top of all that, we got stuck behind a big rig going 10 mph as we were trying to get off base. So needless to say it wasn't the best start! 

We got to The Villaggio mall, we walked around, rode go-carts, and ate at TGI Fridays (Not the best choice, but we didn't want to spend too much time finding a restaurant since we left late.) After the mall we went to the Souqs, which was really cool and much more of an authentic cultural experience of this country. However, we did get there late and it was already closing, but we did stop at a hookah bar and got some mint tea, grape and grape mint flavored shisha with our hookah. It was just nice relaxing moment and escape from the prison camp of our base :P 

The second time we went off base we got more time to walk around the Souqs, we saw camels, and even ate some camel as well =) (unfortunately we didn't get to choose which camel we got to eat.) But the taste of camel was a very strong flavor and not something I was used to. Very gamely taste and you can kind of imagine what they taste like by what the camels eat (which is pretty much desert brush and grass). We also got to go by the waterfront a little bit and see what the city looks like at night from far away. We took some pictures and then we went downtown to the City Mall. The mall was just very big, 5 stories, and lots of places to walk. Personally I loved the Souqs much more than the mall.  I bought some things for me and my wife, and overall it was a good experience seeing what the outside world (in a foreign country at that) was like again.