Saturday, November 24, 2012

My 2012 Christmas Wish list

Making lists is one of my favorite and oldest hobbies and if you take a look at my phone now, it's possible to see my everyday tasks aligned and numbered in order of importance and, every time a task is completed, I have that "mission accomplished " feeling =). I have about three different types of bucket lists in my journal - which I like to review sometimes to remember what else I should do at least once in my entire life before I die- but my favorite list, for sure is the CHRISTMAS WISH LIST! I've never made wish lists in Brazil but my husband and his family have this very special tradition so I decided to try it last year in Brazil and everybody loved the idea! In my family we always kinda guess what present to give for birthdays or Christmas, but I particularly like the wish lists because there's no way to be disappointed or mistaken when giving or receiving a present. Of course there are some people who prefer to not know what they'll get whatsoever because they like the feeling of being surprised. I think this is fine too but I also think that sometimes it's so hard to get it right! That's why a wish list is always so useful and so fun to make because among all the options, you still don't know what you will get, but no matter what it is, it will for sure be something you're gonna love! =)