Sunday, October 14, 2012

Love being in love!

Hello everyone! It's been a while since the last time I made a post and so many things have happened since then ;) I'd like to start by saying that I am keeping myself busy and I just love all my projects and our new kitty! His name is Nene and he is so smart and playful! At first I was afraid he would poop everywhere, but he is very polite and I am enjoying this experience a lot! He is so cute that sometimes I just want to bite his face off! Right now, for example, he is trying to jump on my fingers while I type ^^
Another thing that I am in love with is my American Poetry course! :D OMG! I am learning so much on the threads and meeting so many cool people at the study groups! The classes end next month but I still have three more courses for the next four months and I am so excited :B (don't know why I keep putting these smiley and silly faces at the end of every sentence :^) now)
Anywhooooo... I am also in love with FALL!!!! This season is so freaking cuddly and cozy and snugly that makes me want to watch TV with my hubby while eating gazillions of pao de queijo or corn muffins...with tea!
I can not forget to mention my French classes :) My tutor is Canadian and she is so patient with me that sometimes I think I don't deserve being her student, lol. I bought a new book that is helping me a lot, because learning a new language isn't easy whatsoever but for me it's so much fun! If you intend to learn French someday, this is the book I recommend:
Well, finally (I left the best for last):I LOVE BEING MARRIED! These two years and five months have been amazing! Thanks amor for making my life so special Adaminho! te amo de montao!!! <3